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  1. I have jumped this DZ many times and can say everyone from Simon (the Boss) to the packers and hospitality staff (de Wolk) totally rock. If you are a fun jumper trying to squeeze in a couple of drops after getting bored in Amsterdam....this is the place. The rental gear is top notch. NPCT has gear and next door is the Parachute Case....a full service rental house and rigger on duty pretty much all day. you can reserve a dorm room bunk very easy and cheap thru Werner. He runs De Wolk, the on site manager for food, drink and merriment. (tell him Eric from NY sent you and I get a free beer next time I am there!). Like every DZ there are cliques.....and so what, screw it. The Dutch can be very friendly, so make friends and you'll find someone or three to turn points with. The cultural make up of the DZ is diverse...Dutch, English, German and an occasional Yank. There will be many tongues spoken there, besides the Dutch speak better english then most native english speakers! as far as jumper disciplines...everyone is represented... you wanna freefly? got it. Belly? done. CRW? there are some world record holders on staff here! Static Line? your choice of canopy..square AND round! yes, rounds...Pathfinder Parachute Group run round canopy courses here several times a year...for those that dare. once again, I have jumped NPCT many times, but I felt welcome the first time I was there. They aren't a USPA DZ but bring your card, proof of insurance and log book and you'll be on a load in no time. Blue Skies.
  2. I am new to the sport but very well-traveled so I have seen a few DZ's, not many, but some in Europe and the US. Any StL for me is close to home and finally got to jump there. I phoned the management a couple days before to feel it out and they were very welcoming and understanding. Still being a student I jumped with a coach who ran me thru some drills to feel relaxed and even taught me some new maneuvers. I didn't feel any attitudes on the DZ or in the hangar. the weather was great so everyone was happy anyway. Even though some regulars seemed to be there that sunday, a couple of the locals peeps chatted me up. my jump went well and being my first Skyvan jump it was extra special. I will be back.