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  1. Reading old forum posts, and here's an example of someone who says they've inserted pics into their post, but the pics aren't showing: I'm also not seeing any pics in the posters' signatures. I don't know if both problems are just caused by the sheer age of the posts though, or whether it's due to the site redesign.
  2. And the same goes for Part 2: https://www.dropzone.com/articles/gear/know-your-gear-harness-and-container-systems-part-2-r1165/
  3. None of the images are displayed in the article https://www.dropzone.com/articles/gear/know-your-gear-harness-and-container-systems-part-1-r1134/ Has this been caused by the site redesign?
  4. Hey there Arjen! Will do! Thanks! And everyone else, once again thanks for your replies :)
  5. I will definitely ask my instructors as well :) Thanks for the replies!
  6. Oh believe me, at 5,500 I would have pulled no matter what. The AAD part of my question was more a "what if I'm passed out" kind of thing.
  7. Hi guys, First post, so I'll introduce myself. I'm Kars, I'm currently an AFF student. For the AFF jumps, we exit at 12,500 ft and pull at 5,500 ft. I did my level 4 jump last weekend, and lost my balance. I ended up recovering the correct position before I had to pull, but I'm wondering what would have happened if I'd had to pull while I was on my back. I'm assuming that the lines would have whipped me around when the parachute opened. Is that correct? Also, what would have happened if I hadn't pulled at all and my AAD had fired off the reserve? As far as I know, it fires the reserve straight out from your back. Does that mean the reserve chute would have wrapped around me?