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  1. Why doesn't everyone jump accuracy? Why doesn't everyone jump FF? Why doesn't everyone jump RW? Why doesn't everyone jump CReW? Why doesn't everyone jump Speed? What are each of thse?
  2. Now the smoke has cleared of the fines last year, what is the consensus? Is it a safe place to jump? For those of you who don't jump there why? So many extremely experienced people must be putting their trust in something.
  3. You guys are awesome, thanks so much. This is really helpful. I think I will go down the 2nd hand route, I do with mountaineering clothing too as its just such good value. The reason I wondered if I should let them know in advance is because it might take a little while for it to come up... Damn, though, I'm going to start cycling to work between now and the summer to save more cash.! Btw, when I said summer, I actually meant half of August and half of September. Do the previous comments about off-season and heat still apply? Cheers
  4. Thanks everyone that is really useful. Cali makes most sense as I'd like to be near the climbing areas too. Can I get them in advance to reserve me a second hand rig if something comes up? I haven't looked into the pricing in the US, but for a beginners setup how much am I looking at? I have to admit my original attention was to do a couple hundred jumps and then get a wingsuit as I'm desperate to wingsuit
  5. Hi everyone I'm from London and will travelling to America in the summer for 6 weeks. I have always wanted to skydive and am therefore going to do the AFF. How many jumps do you think I can do in my six weeks? I want to do as many as possible! Does anyone have any recommendations on where I can go and camp, make friends and just hang out? At the moment trying to decide between Skydive Utah, Eloy or Davis. Thanks so much!