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  2. Show me the "facts" in your posted rubbish. My reality and yours are quite different. I think we're all Bozos on this bus. Falcon5232, SCS8170, SCSA353, POPS9398, DS239 http://www.skydivethefarm.com LOL... You call this post "rubbish" and then have the nades to advertise on it... Nice... Btw, I will not be jumping at your DZ, anytime soon... LOL...
  3. To refresh the points of this post: 1) The powers that be... Have begun to tell skydivers what AAD's we can & can't use. 2) Not all AAD's are equal... Plus, to my knowledge there is really no independent testing to confirm an AAD’s reliability. In many instances, perception over shadows fact(s); which seems the only guide for choosing an AAD. 3) The fact that you have such a large group of people being adversely affected by the decision of small group. This is not a good thing at all... It would be like the US Government banning the use of motorcycles because they are too dangerous; which would be silly. I believe that skydivers (individuals) have a right to question a decision(s) that directly impacts their lives or affects the sport they love. Plus, this opens the door for possible regulation and oversight by the FAA. Again, not good... These are the three major points of this thread... The use of terms like "rubbish" and "lying" are not constructive or germane to this post and to the individuals expressing their opinion. With regards to liable, when facts are involved, there is no liable.
  4. Trea... You hit the nail on the head... The day is coming for regulation and oversight on the AAD use... This is not a result of skydivers, being skydivers. Enough said.... The sky is big enough for everyone...
  5. Unfortunately, another skydiving fatality has been reported at Cross Keys, NJ yesterday (3/25)... See article below... This incident appears to have similarities to previous incidents that started the AAD wars. I am wondering if he had an AAD and what brand? I am also interested in the response from the powers that be?
  6. Yeah, the AAD wars are in full swing and we (skydivers) are caught in the middle... If you are an Argus owner and due to the (heck I will say it) PIA ban and you need your AAD teddybear. You might have to drop another $1500 for another manufacturers AAD. If your Cypres owner, your AAD hasn't lived up to the claims of 100% reliability. In fact, Cypres appears to be responsible for a number of fatalities (For exact number, please see link: Please correct me if I am wrong, but it might be more fatalities than Argus and Vigil combined. Plus, Cypres is facing a lawsuit in California, which doesn't look good for Cypres... So I have attached several links that I found on the web that supports the various facts and statements made in this post. Plus additional information for both sides of the argument... Skydiving is about fun and doing something very few people will ever get to do... Where do drama and politics come into the mix… It shouldn’t. Skydiving is an awesome and amazing sport. The sky is big enough for everyone.