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  1. Hookeddiver

    Jerry's Sky Circus Explore Freefall

    From the start, the staff makes you feel at home. You get the feeling that just being a skydiver, or wanting to be one makes you family. The three cessna 182's are well maintained, and they use them efficiently so you don't have to wait long to get in the air, even when there are a large number of skydivers present. There are always enough willing skydivers present to put together a load, so if you want to go up, and the weather is good, you'll be able to go up. The owner greets everyone coming in. And, the staff and regular skydivers are friendly, supportive, and always willing to help. The staff makes it obvious that safety is a main concern, which puts new jumpers at ease. If you're wanting to try the sport, you won't be able to find a better DZ.