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  1. no... unfortunately all the cx115 they have are damaged and are going to be returned to Sony But thanks for your help... anyone else have any idea?
  2. Hey guys and gals, it turns out, that it is quite difficult to find a new CX105 / CX110 or CX115 here in germany (not to say impossible). So what other camera would you recommend to record high-quality skydiving-films (tandems, teams, and everything for a nice and fun to watch seasons-video) and why? GoPro and Contour is no option (i'll just use it as a backup)
  3. Hey everybody, just got the idea of a groundhopping trip for the season 2012. As far as the idea just came up, there are no details about times or places so far, except the fact that i'd like to see Scandinavia. So if you can recommend some really cool places in Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Finland, i'd be happy to read a post or message. DZ's should have a shower and a place to sleep or at least something equal nearby. Thanks a lot and blue skies
  4. ok guys and gals, i'll try some of that (not the cybersex). I'm sure in the end everything is going to be fine. It's just getting boring if you try and try and don't see any result, yet. And to buy someone a beer next time i'll be at the DZ will definetly happen... with or without packing advices. Blue ones
  5. Hey people, after i got my brand new gear, i tried to pack it several times to prepare it for the blue-sky-days. Last week i spend a whole day with packing but the canopy always slips to anywhere when i try to fold it instead of staying where it should be. I tried today again and again, but can't get it in the right way. Maybe someone got any advice for me?
  6. Hi there, just registered here and want to say hi from germany. Hope to see some of you at any dropzone or maybe meet people here i already know from flying? Made my license 2007 in Eloy, AZ and was jumping meanwhile in Breitscheidt, Beromünster, Bad Saulgau and Orange. Blue skies