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  1. Megamalfunction... How many years have you been in the sport and have you ever left your DZ? FACTUAL published stats indicate accidents/deaths at the particular DZ you are referencing are licensed jumpers from other DZs (probably including Dallas) PRIMARILY. Not local professionals buddy
  2. I agree with Chuck Blue. Organizers. I'm poking fun as I have been enlightened on why it won't happen at SDAZ. My half a cent; Embrace the suck and mold it rather than resist it and continue to have "outlanders" and line of flight violators.
  3. PS. It does not suck when you brief people who speak no english. Not knocking the culture and language barriers because in the end they should always consult the STA or DZO when jumping a new DZ
  4. As a local and employee to SDAZ; I fully support this article. Great informative read to a new wingsuiter. I have asked the STAs for SDAZ for advice and recommendations constantly to ensure a safe jump in fear of getting getting grounded and or Burke'd. Coming from a small DZ in Illinois which is no longer existent (RIP) I have learned a lot from a high volume and high experienced DZ such as SDAZ. Thanks for the insight!!!!! ~Red, Squirrel, The Doug
  5. Being around a large dropzone I have seen more brands than I can count on my fingers and toes. There are some factors to look at, but in the end its flying pure or with drag and which one is good for the buck. QuoteDepends if you want a tighter fit, looser fit, cheap Pittz, liquid mainstream, skyleno, tonfly, uno, etc. There are a bunch out there and everyone with a "sponsorship" will swear by theirs. F the brandname. Give me a fast lead time, regular fit, and decent price.