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  1. Hi guys and girls I am looking for some help and advise. I have been jumpingin the uk for 3 years now with around 700 jumps and about 6 hours in the tunnel. It didn't take long to realise its a life changing sport and there isn't much else i want to do. So i have decided along with a friend that we are going to cut away in october, originally we said we wanted to go to the US but with all the visa issues its just a complete pain in the ars!!!! now we have decided it would probably be a good idea to get a job in a tunnel first and get our tunnel instructor/tandem/AFF ratings, then travel the world looking more attractive and employable to DZ's and Tunnels, We have been in contact with Airkix. They said if we got a job with them we would be in a 2 year contract, obviously this isn't the option we were thinking of. They also offered us a different option of paying for our level 1 and as long as we pass we can work for them for as long as we want! ideally we would like to get to level 3 before we leave to travel, even tho this may be a big ask. I have no problem paying for the level 1 which by the way is 7k!!! but the problem i have is milton keynes/manchester is so dull and would actually like to get out of the country and do it else where! (somewhere warm) so if any of you guys have done this, know any tunnels that would offer the same deal, or maybe just some contacts and advise that would be amazing, As u probably appreciate this is a very scary, crazy time for us. Im 25, selling a business i started when i was 19, renting my house out, selling most of my belongings, so we need to make this work and work well!!! Thanks for your time i will also be keeping every one updated on progress