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  1. TheToto

    Taupo Tandem Skydiving

    I arrived there trying to do some sport jumping. Jeff, the main instructor was great and really tried to put me on a free slot. when they dont have a place in their airplane, they try to get free slots in the other tandem clubs airplanes. The atmosphere is great - free WiFi, beautiful girls and everyone smile all the time. I met 2 AFF students that started to do their AFF, they had to stop because of the weather, but they said that the attitude was great and professional. Thanks Jeff for all the effort, I will defenetly coming back there!
  2. TheToto

    Skydive Abel Tasman

    99% of the Drop Zone in New Zealand are tandem factory. I had recomandation that Abel Tasman DZ is different, but when I arrived it was the same: totaly tandem priority, I was kicked out of the plane for tandems. They put you only if they have a spare slot, and it is almost impossible to jump with other fun jumpers. The management should change their attitude because it is a totaly tandem place ! I met 2 AFF students, they didn't do any jumps even when the weather was perfect - because it was not worth to lunch the airplane without tandem clients. They wasted about a week with only one jump. Hope for the DZ that it will get better...