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  1. Thank you so much for the input you have given me... I cant wait until the season starts again, a little nervous to do the first jump again, but now I already know what it feels like and what to do. But still i can already feel the butterflys in my stomach :P
  2. Well i hope the money streches as far, so i can get my licence
  3. thanks for the answers! And thanks for the clearifictaion on the hight/weight. It just seems that everyone at my DZ is so short or slim :-P And when i have been on different manufactor websites, according to their forms i have to get a large canopi to get a wingload to 1:1...
  4. Hi people! I have just gettin started in my skydiving career, and not even got the licence yet. But now when theres -15 C with snow and wind, its not many jumps this part of year. Back on topic, i have been searching around the web for good articles for beginners rigs and most of all rigs suited for big people, and with big i use myself as messure, im 190 cm and weigh about 100 kg. And i found it a little bit difficult to find both good info and not least complete rigs to people at my size. So what im after, is generaly any input at all on beginners rigs for big people And sorry for the bad english :)