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  1. Hello, for my past 400 wingsuit jumps I have used a triathlon 135 and I really like it although its a bit tight in my v308 and the landings are lack luster... I am thinking of purchasing a saber 1 120. I have heard only good things about saber 1's from friends and trusted sources but I can't find anyone jumping smaller than a 135.... Is there anyone out there with some info on wing suiting a saber 1 120 pros--- cons?
  2. Hello, Ive heard great things about this suit from two trusted friends. I was looking to get any other info or opinions on the suit.
  3. Hello, Im looking for anyone in the SLC area that might be up for a trip to Lodi sharing costs along the way. I'm very flexible with dates. Feel free to call or text me. 480-216-7789
  4. Hello, looking for a reserve repack preferably in the Park city area or SLC. Any leads are much appreciated!
  5. looking for opinions would you rather have a 1994 strong Turbo zpo 150 main with 50 jumps or a 1994 sabre 150 with 400 jumps? They say the Turbo ZPO is a copy of the sabre... is this true?
  6. HELLO! I will be traveling down the West Coast and through Mexico and South America. I am looking for the cheapest dropzone or the dropzone with the cheapest bulk jump package. THE DROPZONE MUST ALLOW WINGSUITS AND TRACKING SUITS!!! Cheers! and thanks!
  7. Moving to Park city for a month or two this winter, are any Dz's open? If so what is the closest one to Park city?
  8. Mine is brand new haha 0 jumps. Thanks for the info everyone! cheers
  9. How are the openings on a safire 2? Would you say they are decent for someone coming off an injury for a broken pelvis?
  10. Yo planning a wingsuit mission to lodi- Massive jumping session in order. Does anyone have any tips on getting to and from the DZ without renting a car?? We are open to anything as long as it is cost efficient. Thanks Much love!!!!!
  11. Any info on the sapphire as a wingsuiting canopy would be much appreciated. Good... Bad.... THANKS!
  12. Hello anyone the might be passing through Twin falls I need a ride to the moab boogie.... I can pay for gas!!!! Call me 480-216-7789
  13. Hello, I just picked up A Tony R-bird for a great price that I couldn't pass up. I have over 450 skydives in the last year and a half. 50-75 of them being in my Phoenix fly tracking suit. 0 wing suit jumps. My question is... Is a Tony R-bird suitable for a FFC?? and How different are the characteristics of the T-bird Vs. the R-bird??
  14. So heres where we stand with the infamous Javelin from craigslist. I checked all the proper stolen gear forums via,, I called sunpath and spoke with Larry he said theres been no repairs to the rig couldn't give me the name of the first owner and said that it hasnt been reported stolen or missing. So Im going to post it for sale once again unless anyone else has any more ideas as to what I should do..... If not, then maybee someone could help me price this thing? Its a 1999 javelin j1,cypres ready. I took it to my local dz and all the experenced jumpers said it looks like its brand new with under 50 jumps. any suggestions as to what I should list it for?? Thanks everyone!
  15. I am looking at buying a vector 2 dom 1991 percision aerodynamics falcon 235 and a 1987 orion reserve. Would this be a good first rig? Any problems forseen in the future? Please help.
  16. I deleted it until monday when I can talk to the sunpath people a verify the gear is ligit. email me at [email protected] to talk about purchasing or trades if everything checks out on monday it will be back for sale.
  17. I am the AZ buyer of this rig. Heres the full scenario and how everything has played out. I just recieved my A license I was on az craigslist looking for gear. I came across this rig the other night and knew it was a great deal to small for me to jump but surely a deal I can make a buck on and put towards my new gear. I called the guy in the morning and he told me if I had 60 dollars I could have the rig. When I pulled up he seemed to have some knowledge of the gear and of jumping he told me he had droped out of AFF training he told me he had payed 150 for the container off of a friend and that he was just hurting for cash. I asked him where he trained and he said casa grande I know they used to do AFF but not anymore. Everything seemed ligit and the thought never crossed my mind that it was stolen gear, the guy seemed ligit and had me come to his front door step hed have to be a complete idiot if it was stolen. Anyways just to put everyone at ease I am going to call sunpath on monday and do a little reaserch if everything checks out the rig will be back for sale on tuesday. I have checked the stolen gear list and couldn't find any matches. any questions or concers/ideas email me. Thanks