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  1. Any one got an opinion on time between aff4 & 5. I ran low on cash / got jitters. not sure which held me up. I can't find a s/l jump. Some feed back would be appriciated
  2. just did my aff 3 (twice) first one the freefall wasn't so hot but I landed ok. Second jump got the bugs worked out of the freefall but I landed hard on my ass. Flaired to early,for some reason I'm having problems with depth perception, looking at it wrong?,, ex says its coz I'm an idiot but I'd like a more experienced opinion. I wear prescription progressive glasses. nothing serious yet but I'm too old to do that often
  3. kind of curious, I'm doing my first 7 aff jump( 2 down) and I'm wondering if tipping is common. saw someone else do it but I figured that they were getting paid to have fun at work(wish I could do that) . getting kind of a vibe and I haven't kneed anyone in mid-air or anything so I am wondering if that is it. these jumps ain't breaking the bank but they ain't cheap either any thoughts?
  4. wasn't feeling well, nothingseriuois but just couldn't get to it, next weekend!!!
  5. howdy y'all, I'm new to skydiveing, 1 tandem, 2 aff,need to go do my 3 aff in a few minutes. feeling a little uneasy, not sure why. Everything's been good till now but today the inst. let go, but had to happen some day. feel like they going to let me fall and that is a really stupid thought coz ,of course , I'm falling allreadyoh well