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  1. javiaven


    I've had an Infinity for a few years now, and I've never had a single problem. I just got a new Party Bag and pilot chute for my new, downsized canopy, and I got it in just 5 days. The bag is perfect, and they've slightly changed the freely pud. It's a bit smaller but thicker, and with a slightly larger tuck flap. It's actually easier to grab, and stays firmer in place. Looking forward to getting my new Infinity rig, that's a no brainer!
  2. Yes, in fact. They gave me sincere apologies, have tracked down and are express sending me the canopy, and are offering any compensation needed. I get lots of input from many friends saying they had great experience with them, so I hope this doesn't happen again, as I'm sure it's just been a lot of little problems building upon each other.
  3. I could not disagree more. It is NOT the responsibility of the OP. This is the ongoing problem everywhere. The people who made the mistake want to put the responsibility/problem onto the customer. What a great business plan. I sold my very first piece of parachute equipment back in 1965 & have been selling off/on ever since. The thing that works and that people can live with is communication. If it is going to be late: Let the customer know. If there is a color no longer available: Let the customer know. Some of my dealers think I am nuts with all of my emails about every little detail; but it prevents mistakes ( mostly ), and saves both of us time & money ( hopefully ). Communicate - communicate - communicate. Just my $0.02, for what it is worth. JerryBaumchen Thanks Jerry, precisely. Had I known they would not be available, I wouldn't have minded waiting. Hell, I still have my own canopy, I don't mind waiting for another month. And once all this happened, I actually did not get mad at them: I understand these things may happen. The one thing that just bothers me to no end has been the absolute lack of information. After having posted this here today, and on my Facebook, their Facebook, Twitter, and more emails, I did get an email from the girl at Eloy saying she is very sorry BUT she is at her 4-way camp, so I should call the factory in New Zealand to figure out what is going on, since they are now underhanded (bear with me: in order to reach them during NZ working hours, I have to call at 3am local time). And, of course, the international call is on me! Again, I feel like shit for posting this here, and I'm sure they are awesome people once you get to know them. But I definitely won't be doing any more business with them.
  4. Yeah, again: I know Attila is getting married (that is why, when the automated email reply says to call him on his cell I'm really loath to doing it), and I know Shannon is at the camp. I know they had the Expo, and I understand all that. But the same way I don't have my patients asleep on my OR table if I have to go on vacation, but rather postpone the surgeries in such cases, if they knew they had such a busy and unproductive time ahead, then they should not have taken my money in the first place. No big issue! I seriously hate doing this... I'm a friendly, patient, and reasonable guy, I swear. I've had nothing but great experiences since I started skydiving, and now I probably seem like an asshole for having this discussion in public. But this situation is not acceptable, by any means. And of course, FedEx is not taking care of this, since they actually delivered the package, on time, to the (wrong) address they were given. I did speak to them and, though they actually were sorry this happened to me, they are not the ones to blame. They actually offered to pick up the package and take it to the correct address in Atlanta... Of course, when I told them the correct address was not even in the US, they said they couldn't do it. Understandable.
  5. Yeah, I do know they are away. But they should have known and, either NOT agreed to sell during this time, or fix the problem once it happened, regardless of any events. It's not like I spent $5...
  6. I hate having to do this here, but I'm running out of options. A month ago, I bought a stock Icarus Saphire 2 canopy from NZ Aerosports. I paid for it and, on April 9, I got a FedEx delivery confirmation message saying it had been delivered at an address in Atlanta, US. I live in frickin' Spain!!! First because they were at the Skydive Expo, then because one of them is on his honeymoon, then because another one of them is at a training camp for her 4-way team, a month later I have only received a couple of Facebook (WHAT???) messages saying they are sorry and will look into it. Of course, nothing is said about the €1,400 they already received. Any ideas, anyone?
  7. Thanks everyone for all the info and advice
  8. My bad! Yes, the container is an Odyssey Jk1, with only 80 jumps (the owner needs the money...). It currently holds a main Sabre2 150', and a 139' reserve (not sure which one). I've been flying Sabre, Safire and Spectra 150s now for over 40 jumps, and I'm quite happy with how I handle them. The issue with the reserve is that I'm looking for something about the size of the main, but, since there's never too much safety on a cutaway event, I was wondering if there's anything I could get in there even bigger. I'm not into buying a tiny rig just "because it looks cool". So thank you all for your input, I'm open to anything and anyone I can learn from!
  9. The size reserve you need is not dependent on the container you have. It depends on your weight, your skill, and your thoughts on how the system should perform when you are faced with less than optimal conditions. It has been said before, and I will say it again, don't pick the rig first, and then look for a reserve. Pick the reserve first, and then look for a rig. Yes, I know! That's why, since I am looking for a 150 sqf reserve, I'd like to know if I'd be able to fit it in there. Otherwise, I am not buying the rig. I'm just hoping it does, because it is a good deal. But yes, definitely, safety first!
  10. Hi everyone. I'm trying to find which reserve canopy has the smallest pack volume, since I need to put one in a '08 Javelin not-that-big of a container that I'm about to buy second-hand. The current main fits perfectly (Sabre2 150), but the current reserve is a 129, and that is a bit too small for me. If you guys could help me figure out what reserve canopy I should get, I'd be much obliged. And, for dealers reading this, I REALLY need real info, not a marketing campaign... (sorry about that!)