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  1. QuoteI would have to agree. My JVX opens better than my FX.... big time! We'll see more of these with commercial camera guys under them as more people jump them and realise how good they are *** yeah rhys,you know it.I only have 15 jumps on my hybrid but so far bloody goooood openings.Dives ok too.Quote
  2. hey rhyso,the weapon looks awesome.hows the pack volume?That hill looks friendly enough but steeper would be good eh.I hope the canopy treats you good.There is alot of JVX talk at the dz right now so would love to hear feedback.
  3. scottnz

    1st tandem chop!

    ahh welcome to the club.I've had 3 now with the last 2 on consecutive days.Just love being a tandem ho.So little leigh packed it huh?It's always the one's we least expect.Swooping a loaded JVX sounds much safer and more fun.Enjoy Africa.
  4. nice one wicky,I fort yor spelling had got gooder now.I like to see what you all think about swooping.I mainly roll with a HOP 330 and a different loading each time.Meat bombs have thier uses at times.Say hi to your mum for me bro.....good times good times.
  5. Yes I had it for a while but never used it before needed it back.I think Ricky got the VX because of the price and practicality as much as the E.B factor.I read somewhere that HMA lines are only good for 200 jumps max.That would be silly having to send your canopy away every 6 weeks for a re-line that could take them 2 or 3 weeks to get back to you depending on the Auckland party scene.Not much swooping time there. Africa sounds awesome.Let us know what its like and make sure you do some balloon jumps eh.
  6. good question.from the feel of the canopy there was a real change in trim.front riser pressure was low and rear riser pressure high compared to vx set.just seemed better to me but not sure if it will equate to better sure seemed like it should.openings were not all slammy like the vx either.
  7. hey rhys,scott here.hope the worlds went ok.I been lokking at a new weapon as well,mainly because I made the mistake of jumping a brand new vx with jvx line set.ricky has one too and I thought it was reeeeeal good.Havn't tried a jvx so not sure about them.all I've heard is they swoop wicked and open slow,like too slow.