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  1. I don't see a manual or any helpful info here....
  2. So I just bought a used Optima II which unfortunately did not come with a user manual. Does anyone know where I can find one or can anyone give me a real brief description on how to adjust the settings?
  3. Thanks to everyone so far, it seems like me jumping this canopy won't be an issue as for as possible equipment damage etc. As for the wing-loading goes, I have done about 10 jumps on a 210 and will most likely do 20-30 more before attemping to jump this 190. As far as the "oldness" of the canopy goes: while it was made in '92 it has 600 jumps on it and I wsa told it was re-lined at 500 jumps. My rigger has checked it out and said it's good to go. I have heard of sabre 1's getting between 1000-1500 jumps if kept in good shape...I would think this canopy easily has 400-500 jumps left in it right?
  4. Jump-able in your opinion? Given the weight/speed limit recommendations for the canopy?
  5. So some people are misunderstanding the situation. My EXIT weight (gear and all) is ~215 lbs. My canopy is a Sabre 1 190. This creates a wing loading of about 1.13. Does this change things now for some of your replies?
  6. Hi everyone, So I'd like to know more about the weight/speed limit on my rig. I have just got it fully set-up and ready to jump. I have an exit weight of 215.5 lbs and my canopy says not to exceed 209 lbs and 130 knots. I always deploy in a stable belly-down position after tracking (~ 110 knots). The canopy is a Sabre 1 DOM 4/92 with 600 jumps. I also have mini-risers on this new rig. My rigger says my weight should not be an issue. Does everyone agree with this? or is there potential for canopy/riser damage? Any insight would be great, Thanks all, - Zywo44
  7. I want to buy a Z1 but nobody at my DZ has one. I tried my friends XL mamba and it fits very snug. My head is around 23.7 inches which is just at the boarder of XL and XXL Z1. Has anyone else has this issue? I don't want to order an XXL and have it fall off, since I've read the reviews that say it occasionally does.... Thanks, -Zywo44