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  1. Our horrible experience began on Saturday, July 31st. Our group of 9 had reservations for jumping at 2 pm. The group consisted of an international mix of Managers and Engineers who were scouting the site for a potential corporate outing. What Greensburg does not tell you when you call is that your reservation isn't a reservation at all - you can only reserve a spot by putting your name on the "manifest" list and it is basically first come first serve. When we arrived, there was a group in front of us and the office staff asked our party to wait outside the registration room since it was crowded. They forgot us and we finally had to approach them to ask about registering (again) so our group registered late which meant we weren't put on the manifest until after our 2 pm "reservation" time. When we approached the lady in charge of the manifest list with questions, she was incredibly rude and not helpful. We would have left at that time but Greensburg had our money and there are no refunds. We tried to ask other staff what was happening as there were delays due to low clouds. Each of us received a different answer to the same question. It was maddening because Greensburg has a PA system but the staff did not use it and there seemed to be no one in charge. At 6:30 pm, we finally decided to take a raincheck and drive the 2 hours again the next day to jump. When we arrived the next day, the office staff (manifest lady and registration staff) were still rude and unhelpful but at least we knew that we needed to get on the manifest quickly in order to secure a place to jump. All in our group jumped (2 AFF and 7 Tandem) and we all agreed that the instructors and camera crew were fantastic. It is incredibly fast paced but once in the plane, the instructors put you at ease and you can tell that even though they are worked hard, they love what they are doing. Lastly, half of the group received their link to their video and the other half has not received a link or DVD to date. When a call was placed to the site, the person answering replied that each of us would need to call the videographer who filmed us (there are different ones) and request the link and a new DVD. In our case, it was explained that our videographers only work the weekend so we will have to call and try to catch them between jumps. Not well managed when you consider we paid $89.00 for the video. For approximately $400 a person, I would expect better communication, friendlier staff and more support for items (i.e., no video!). Unfortunately, this was not the case. Would we jump again? ABSOLUTELY! The experience is amazing. But our corporate outing will be scheduled somewhere else that has customer service in mind.