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  1. i watched the vid. Does the red light react when shooting in burst (Sony A6000) ? If you have come to buffering time during freefall, I would think the blue light would stay on even though you are activating your tongue/bite switch. Any feed back on that ? Thanks.
    Life is short ... jump often.

  2. kallend

    ***I don't know why everyone is so stuck on level flight.... Strap one of these to each foot via a boot, add cutaway capabilities in case a battery goes bad (they catch fire not explode so its not like a land mine and if used within spec rarely have issues)

    Still not the kind of fire you'd want strapped to your body:


    Most LiPo fires are due to overcharging or to mechanical damage (like an impact).

    The guy who tried to stomp out that fire in short pants, tennis shoes, and no socks, was a real trooper. ;)
    Life is short ... jump often.

  3. Speaking of which, I know a few dozen camera flyers, with 10's of thousands of jumps between them, none have ever chopped their helmet. Does anyone have a first hand account (or verifiable somehow) about someone having the use a helmet cutaway (rather than the normal release mechanism) in the last 20 years?

    Peter Galli ( GUANO ). He is also the guy who SUGGESTED to me to never jump a camera without a cut-away system. Thanks for caring Pete. :)
    Life is short ... jump often.

  4. Icemann


    So does it mean that I have to pay gear rental fees for the remaining 27 jumps (5 coached, 11 solo, 1 hop&pop)? That would really mess up my plan since it's almost $400-$600 over my original budget at $64.5 per day of gear renting fee. My budget is around 3.1K with 2.6k for the package, 300 for expenses during my stay, and the rest for necessary item purchase.

    Welcome to skydiving ..... ;)
    Life is short ... jump often.