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  1. wondering if anyone was available or knew anyone who could do some canopy coaching with me in zhills on july 29 or august 2 and/or 3 blue skies
  2. does anyone know if there are any more videos of the actual competition and not just interviews and ceremonies besides curt bartholomew on vimeo of the first meet of the flcpa with the new rule changes?
  3. Just wanted to say thank you for the reading material and i cant wait till the weekend. Blue Skies!
  4. Well after this week of doing some high altitude h/p and flying relatively to another canopy ( even manage to touch end cells!!!) i found out that i loved canopy flight as much if not more than free falling. so ive decided to start learning crew. I have made plans with a guy at my dz to start learning some crew this weekend but i was wondering what are some good books or reading material thats out their to give me some knowledge before i start. Blue SKies
  5. When you wear a camera even before you jump with it you try to see what you have to do in order for it to be pointing in the area you want and not just pointing to open sky. So no matter if it just a pov it will be on your mind. hopes this makes sense.
  6. Hey everyone, I recently bought a used oxygn as well as new ratchets and a new lens. I installed the lens according to the instructions and managed to close the lens but i cant seem to open it. Any tips would be appreciated. Blue skies (well not this weekend unfortunately) Matteo
  7. Today i got my A license after being hooked from my first tandem in August. Ive been a reader on the forum but never posted anything til now. Also was invited to do a 3-way which we hit 8 points. Still excited about my license so i felt the need to mention it on here.