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  1. Well folks I just thought I'd update the status of our jumps. Apparently someone from this thread went out of their way to go after the sky diver that took my daughter. A couple of months after I posted in here he was approached about my daughters jump and his license was suspended indefinitely. I felt horrible for being the cause and got in touch with him and apologized that I had been the cause. Now on to my daughter. She turns 18 at the end of October and still wants to jump. I see her doing this for many years as she is quite adventurous. To the nay sayers I have to say her passion has not gone away and we are planning a new jump, though I'd love to call the fellow in Wisconsin I figure Ive brought enough grief his way. So do any of you have a good recommendation for a jump master in the Fort Worth area I'm in the market. She is chomping at the bit for her third jump.
  2. Well we took the trip this weekend and it was awesome. She loves it and is addicted. Problem is still the distance so now she probably has to wait till she is 18 to get the rest but her first two jumps are done. This place was incredable. They caterred to her in every way and made the trip worth every penny. None of them could believe we were there for the diving until I told them about the age requirements all over the country. Anyways below are the videos for anyone who is interested and if anyone has a minor they'd like to take this place goes as young as 13 I believe as long as the teenager acts mature enough to do it. This is her first jump and I am the guy in the TCU shirt. This is her second jump I chose to have a beer and watch her from the ground on this one.
  3. Yeah currently you can get it at 12 but it's a junior open water only good to 50 feet. I wish she'd have chosen diving but the place referenced above will take her and I skydiving but there is a considerable extra cost. Looks like we'll be taking a father daughter trip in July probably.
  4. PM sent And to the nay sayers children can get their Junior Open water at 10 and upgrade to full open water certification at 15. Both sports have theie inherant dangers but one adapts to suit minors. I am not knocking the system just disagreeing with the mentality.
  5. Well looks like shes gonna have to pick something else. I appreciate the responses and confirming what I was discovering by calling around. Seems kinda sad theres no real introductory level for younger people though. Oh well I'll work on the SCUBA diving and try to put the hard sell on her. Thank You all again for the posts.
  6. I'm the dad that does anything with his kids. My son chose SCUBA diving so we both got certified and go 2-3 times a year. My daughter is not interested so I told her to pick something we could do just the two of us. Well she picked skydiving. Now for my question. Is there any legal way to take my 14 year old daughter skydiving in the United States?