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  1. Was the pulse a 120 or 135. How did it fit compared to the other 120's you had packed?
  2. The sabre is snug, but not bursting at the seams or anything like that. It's definitely not a problem to get it in the bag, but there is not enough room to fit standard 135 without low bulk fabric.
  3. I was wondering if anyone out there is currently jumping a pd pulse in a javelin NJ. I have an NJ with a sabre 120 and am thinking about upsizing due to some health issues. I have talked to PD and Sun Path and can't really get a clear answer on compatibility (probably and maybe were their answers). I don't really want to pay to have one sent out to demo if I know there is no way it's going to fit, however i realize the easiest way to answer this is to try to pack one in my container. Hopefully someone else has already done this! Thanks!