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  1. I am still reminiscing - it was such an important part of my life! I write a blog, now, and hope you don't mind my quoting part of your last post. Hope this finds you well.
  2. My 1st SL in Rustenburg on 16 May '70. Early jumps mostly from a Piper Pacer. We had an air show there that year; great excitement. One of the locals was Richard Wulfsohn, his dad owned the garage. Wonderboom guys often came along to beef the numbers. John Adamson (USPA C5555) was there, he was also a pilot, I remember. He dropped us in hail once and I was peppered from underneath.
  3. I did my first 3-way with Jim Patterson and Lipson down at Port Alfred in December of '74; got a pic of Jim P somewhere if you'd like it. Am writing novels now and the cover of my "The Barros Pawns" has a pic of a PC flown by Chris Ashby who creamed in in Empangeni in '76, taken by Bernie Marriot another skydiver of that time. Check out www.peterjearle to see more about the books. Contact me if you want a signed copy.
  4. Who is ancient enough to remember when Rustenburg Skydiving Club started in '71? Chris Nussey (D66), Bernie Massyn (D13) then Wonderboom back then - John Higgins (D73), John Ivy, Dave Whitfield, Jim Patterson, Lipson, Hellman and Charter? Who has news of them now?