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  1. Thanks alot for your prompt and clear reply. All the matters regarding weather have to be evaluated but considering that are totally out of control I didn't spent much thinking on them. Anyway your're absolutely right, I'm not a Skydiver so I'm not used in weather condition way of think... for the moment. I really don't know how much time is normally necessary to complete the AFF. I saw that many DZs offer the AFF in a WeekEnd and the "A" license in a week. So I supposed that, according to the weather, 4 days or 5 could be enough for AFF. My first GOAL, if possible, is to reach safely and properly in defined time (a week) the AFF and just then plan to complete the "A" level. Maybe in another Dz? I choose Hawaiis for the following reason. a) The Dzs available are USPA affiliated (and is a guarantee for a novice). b) Hawaii It's the only well defined stop of my Us TRIP. c) I think that JUMP over Oahu offers something like a nice view (the sunglasses smile is obliged) d) The Dzs availables are very confortable to reach from the URBAN Area of WAIKIKI, i'm a tourist and the idea to rent a car and drive for 1 hour to reach a DZ is not so fascinating. Thanks Again
  2. First of all i'd like to say Hello to Everybody. I post this message in order to have the community opinion about my intention to do the AFF course during holydays. I'm Italian and Next year i'll surely come to US and i'd like to complete the AFF course. Probably i'll go to Hawaii and I saw that 2 Dz. are located in Ohau. I'd like to complete the course if possible in 3 or 4 days. I saw also that some schools provide AFF training in a weekend, maybe this is possible also in Hawaii. What is your opinion about the possibility to complete the course during an Holidays period? I have an average level english and suppose (just suppose) that it will be good enough for learning. Of course i'll have to prepar myself with specific glossary. Can i complete the AFF (7 jumps) and complete in a second time (maybe in different schools) the A level? Thanks in advance to everybody for your time.