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  1. I really don't think it would benefit anyone to name names or places. There will always be that person or clique and I just need to get over it;)
  2. I appreciate you being straight forward. I agree with you I shouldn't expect more. I just expect honestly. Here's to a new year with at least 100+ jumps;)
  3. I couldn't agree with you more about many of your points You are also correct in saying my numbers basically suck. I had not put a lot into the sport in the beginning until the last couple of years. Even still I have a long way to go. The issue I am finding is there are some who have heart felt conversations and build me up only to shoot me down in the end. These are the people that have "claimed" to be there for me from the beginning. It just amazes me how there are so many cliques at the drop zone. I guess the bottom line is that there is really nothing people can do for me, its what I need to do for myself before things start to change. I just hope that people understand we are not kids anymore and we can handle the truth vs sugar coating it. Don't make a promise you don't intend following through with. For now I will continue to improve my numbers each year, get more tunnel in, jump with a new circle and do a lot of reading or research to get the answers needed. I just needed to vent and hope maybe people would grow up and remember the only dumb question is the one that was never asked;)
  4. I barley have time to sleep with my own husband let alone there husband, so to answer that, is HELL NO lol! Dont we all have bad BO after a long day of jumping lol! Lastly we are skydivers right? I think there is a little psycho in all of us;) But in complete seriousness the basics is not a problem. When the questions come up they usually are around rigging questions, conversations about specifics regarding freestyle or FF moves. In all honestly I just get so frustrated of not knowing how to approach these people. I have thrown my self in every possible way of helping events ect.. to get more involved and find a way to connect. Don't get me wrong there are a few people that are engaging and we seem to enjoy each others company (mostly newer jumpers). I guess I don't even know the right questions to ask, more frustration than anything. Is this just a right of passage until I get more jumps and I am worthy of there time?
  5. Needing a little pep talk. I absolutely love this sport and wish I could do more jumps each year. I am a mother and worked full time. It has made it very challenging to devote as much time to the sport as I would like given my schedule. Here is my issue, I feel like I just don't fit in and I am not welcomed at my home dz. Each time I go out I am so excited to see everyone and want to learn as much as I can. when I get there I feel like I am avoided other than the quick hello. Each time I ask questions I kind of get the brush off and questions are left un-answered or I get treated like I'm stupid for asking certain questions. Yes people are nice and if engaged they are polite but that is about it. This has made it very difficult to get the training and support needed. I looked into the SIS info and even attended an event at our local dz but I never got a SIS. I was just another body in the crowd. I have been told so many times that people will do a jump with me and when I do seek out these people there is always an excuse why the jump doesn't take place. I have been waiting for one promise for the past 5yrs to take place. Every year I get the same promise and the same outcome. I have been told I was going to be initiated in the Pink Mafia for the past 4 years and yet it has never happened as I watch others get included. I know all this is small and not important but It has just made me feel like I'm not good enough, safe enough or trust worthy enough. How do you learn if no one will ever take the time to listen and support you? I have found this sport is one part jumping, two parts fitting in. I just want people to be honest with me and stop making empty promises. I have gotten to the point that I just don't ask anymore and try to find my answers on my own. I was so proud of myself for having the best season yet this last year. I have made it a personal goal to increase my avg. jumps to double of what I have done in the past. I guess I took another blow recently when the group of ladies I jumped with last season stared making plans again for this season and I was left out. I asked direct questions to them and no one again answered. Feeling discouraged and looking for advice. Thanks for reading all my complaining and if anything opening people to the notion to be more supportive and take notice of those that love the sport and just want to get better at it.