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  1. You are getting some good advice on dealing with the immediate issue. However, this is just giving you a band aide when you have cancer. Yes, you need the bandaide to treat cancer symptoms, but what is really needed is something to rid you of the cancer. I have limited use of my hands and figured I could never pack more than the 2 pack jobs I did in AFF. Then I met a guy at a DZ a couple of weeks ago and he showed me some tools he made to make packing easier. I asked to see the tools and he was not a pushy salesman or anything. I could actually pack with the tools without have MAJOR hand problems, so I bought his used personal tools on the spot. Packed the next weekend with the tools and it was like night and day. His tools can be found at: I believe that every packer should use these, or similar, tools. I went from being a guy who was always stouter than most to being disabled in a every short time. I know it may not be cool or sexy to use special tools for packing, but if it keeps you packing then really gives a flying fuck? One thing you need to think about is that genetically you will likely face serious issues if you keep packing the way you are now. Not everyone can pack and if you are having the problems you mention then you need to think long and hard about your future at packing. You could very well fuck yourself and wind up with very limited use of your hands for the rest of your life. Packing smarter (by using aids) will let you pack longer before you become unable to pack. You could very well find that with aids you can pack until you decide to stop, as opposed to your body telling you that you are fixing to stop packing right fucking now, regardless of how you feel about it. Good luck whatever you decide to do! Skunk Better a corncob up your ass than laying in a ditch with a broken back.
  2. I am looking for suggestions for low profile helmets. It needs to be something that can hold at least one audible internally (externally accessible audibles won’t work I for what I am doing). If I have to modify the lining or shell to make an audible fit, then that is OK. What is out there? I have been looking at the Cookie M1, but something like the helmet the lady is wearing in the top picture on page 18 of the December Parachutist may be better. Does anyone know what kind of helmet she is wearing? Thanks! Better a corncob up your ass than laying in a ditch with a broken back.