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  1. I have seen this before yrs ago with old gear. now thankfully replaced.
    any chance the toggle didnt actually come out of the brake setting loop on one side? shortening that brake line in comparision to a properly released one ?
    "When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"

  2. Here on the Emerald Isle "Hookturn" has largely become a derogatory word to describe in general terms what a muppet does just before they femur.
    up until the point of impact and or sudden onset of IPA it is normally called either an "Approach" "high performance landing" "Swoop" or "Low turn"

    here hookturns are also the kind of turn that initiate a group of "experienced" canopy pilots running towards the landing area, has non whuffo onlookers gasping and cringing, the manifestor reaching for the phone, and the poor starving packers listening for the WHUMP while looking towards your locker wondering how much money is in your wallet before you actually impact.

    previous to that becoming the common usage here hookturn described an inadvisable "hook" shaped turn often through 180 degrees, normally initiated with a sharp application of toggles (less often risers)low to the ground that required toggle input in order to recover level flight to avoid impact.

    Anybody else got a good description of a "hook turn" ??
    "When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"

  3. Hey Lou
    or anyone else with a mantle for that matter.
    how much space is their between the top of your head and the center of the real estate on the mantle.
    any chance there is room of say 10mm to fit an X-Shut or Zkulls recessed mount ?
    if you have a photo of the inside of your mantle with the foam removed that would be useful to see.
    sorry to bother you with this but i'd have to get on a plane or boat to get to the nearest mantle owner to me.
    "When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"

  4. Flaring?
    Do you mean Lense flares or the white in clouds burning out? i havent noticed that...
    One thing i have noticed with the HC3 is Super Rich Greens every shade seems to pop on High Def screens.. looks amazing here in Ireland (40 shades and all that) and people like it but my inner geek keeps saying innacurate reproduction :S and it gets ridiculous with my sony bravia set to "Vivid" [:/]

    "When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"

  5. BMFin i totaly disagree....
    I have attended alot of Go Verticals over the last few years... I am a certifiable Go Vertical addict and in my experience you do get actively organised.
    its just a little different from Bigway or FS organising.
    Tim and the other organisers (Babylon or Aria these days) do their best to jump with everyone at the start of the boogie to get an idea of skills etc.
    They then start putting groups together depending on what they working on and their experience.

    My advice for anyone considering going to Go Vertical is let the organisers suggest a group for you to join then work at it.
    When you want to change ask one of the organisers to suggest another group.
    There are normally groups working on all the different skills.
    also if you want coaching during the boogie book well ahead of time with Babylon as it gets tight.

    another well known trick amongst regular attendees of Go Vertical is the Tim porter video hack.
    If you want to be all over the day video simply wait for Tim to rock up to the loading area and when he asks what the groups are doing say "TRACKING" and Tim will jump with your group.
    This approaches 100% effectiveness the closer you get to sunset ;)

    "When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"

  6. Hmm could have sworn there was a size and weight difference though miniscule.
    must have been trying to convince myself :)

    Thanks for your help DSE
    "When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"

  7. To start yes i have searched....
    I am one of those early adopters and have had a HC3 since they came out and I absolutely love it...
    Now i keep getting people asking me what HD cam they should buy... they all want super cool flash memory cameras but they are not sure because of yada yada OIS isssues, etc etc.
    I advise in that case to go buy a cheap HDV tape cam until those issues are resolved...
    so next thing the questions start revolving around the HC5 which IMO is a brick in comparison to the HC3 and the extra mega pixels it offers are useless in terms of footage...

    Am i missing something ? has the HC 5 any advantages over the HC3 when it comes to freefall videography that i should be telling people about ?
    i dont want to be giving bad advice
    my HC3 seems to do the same quality job and is slightly lighter smaller etc than the HC 5....
    "When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"

  8. Ummm Yeah i bet you just couldnt wait to get home and post huh browno :)
    Yeah i would like to retract my original statement and advise you find a very secure place to hide the slider as between your back and rig may not work too well on its own, not many dropzones have guys who are willing to go running off across country to get it back for you when it decides to slip out at 3000ft on windy day. ordering a bright orange one is also an excelllent idea. :)
    "When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"

  9. Hi
    I just used my new removable slider last weekend,
    Im not using the RDS aspect of it at all.
    My reasons for getting one were simple enough.
    I Swoop regularly so getting the slider out of the way safely is an issue for me... not only to improve visibility but also guarantee ease of access to risers etc.
    Slider locks didnt work well enough for me and attaching the slider to something behind my neck was not only a serious safety issue but took inordinate amounts of time, especially when using gloves.
    (this was my main reason as post deployment procedures were getting too lengthy between collapsing the slider pulling it down over the toggles, stowing it, and loosening chest straps etc)

    With the removable slider i can simply grab its toggles pull it straight off and stuff it between my back and my rig (yep it actually stays there for me even with the chest strap loosened) job done...
    I am getting an easier to use / more secure pocket put on my suit so getting rid of it should get even easier...

    Still despite all that packing does take extra time and care and i wouldnt trust anyone else but a very select few to pack for me now.

    if you arent particularly focusing on swooping regularly i'd say just go for slider locks.
    Performance wise the removable sliders improvement would be so tiny that any slight mistake in technique would immediately cancel out the advantage...

    "When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"

  10. Cool Thanks those are usefull pics

    OK Change of subject
    anybody had their removable slider malfunction in anyway ??
    i know the bag etc would be the most common cause of mals with RDS's but im interested in how those slider designs may fail
    "When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"

  11. Hi I have a Velo 103 and was looking for
    your opinions are the best systems/ manufacturers..
    I'd like a full RDS system but for now a good removable slider is what im really concerend with.

    Piccies and prices if ya got em please ;)
    "When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"

  12. Sorz seals tend to peel off and the exposed rim can be easier to peel off

    I take Flex Z Goggles put them in warm water to help peel off the rounded edge trim and clean off the glue this basically turns them into what Cookie Composites call "RAZOR FLEX" Goggles.
    use some rough paper or card to smooth the edges
    and abrakadabra you have googles that are comfy and practically speed peel proof B|
    perfect for blind people like me who NEED their contacts to see anything
    Have also worn flexvision for the same reason but they make me look like a big cheeked gopher :$

    as for colours if your instructor say clear then stick to that, when you are allowed to change i'd say
    nothing sucks worse than a sunset load and a pair of dark goggles and some cloud cover :S
    i have done some research on colours before so another bit of other advice is that yellow red and orange lenses have some contrast and definition enhancing effects,
    black, smoke, blue and purple have no beneficial effects whatsoever other than to reduce the amount of visible light.
    and if you are going to be doing a night jump wear your red googles for a half our or so before and during the ride to altitude then change to clear before the jump to maximise your night vision


    "When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"

  13. Not simpler just supposedly "safer"

    I tried slocks they didnt get the slider out of the way just prevented it from going up the risers.
    not waht i wanted especially when wearing camera

    The bungies and shock cord pull the slider down below your neck line completely out of the way.
    "When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"

  14. Yeah they could work too but you would want nice strong magnets for taking all the shear and pull forces i'd expect this system to take.

    i kept with my idea because it was totally secure up until cutaway at which point i think it would release completely...
    "When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"

  15. Im bored sitting here at my desk so here's a crazy idea that needs a rigger to shoot it down quick... :)

    I have been using a couple of daisy chained bungees some shock cord and a plastic ball at the top of my reserve flap to stow my slider... im sure most of you have seen this idea. now im aware of the risks snag point for lines, entanglement and the possibility of still being attached to your main if for some reason you needed to chop after stowing the slider etc.... I do like the way this system gets the slider completely out of the way but the inherent added risk has always bothered me... i know the french have completely banned these systems

    my idea:
    take the same idea but where the shock cord wraps around the reserve flap cut it in the middle attach closing loops to the ends, put one loop through the other and then on systems with skyhook setups put the cutaway cable through that loop next to where it goes also goes through the collins lanyard.....
    So now when you chop your main you also release the system holding your slider...... ???

    I dont have my rig here to look at this idea fully
    so there may be some blindingly obvious flaw i am missing with this. Apologies in advance..

    The same concept but putting a grommet on the middle of the yoke or top of the reserve flap to allow a loop to pass into the same point with the colins lanyard would be an extension of this idea

    I havent got my rig here so i have no way of working out how this system would interfere with the reserve/ skyhook system in the event of say a cypress fire or straight reserve deployment or any other situation for that matter

    Any thoughts??? alternate methods i also tried tabs on the risers but these still leave the slider there to get caught on camera gear etc

    "When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"

  16. Yes have sent question to sunpath but no response yet .
    Im just wondering if anyone on has tried or done it as although it may fit it is possible it looks absolutely sh1te or is worryingly tight fit.....

    There is only one optimum 143 here in ireland at the moment and i think he is a few months from his next repack :(
    "When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"

  17. Has anyone out there tried and succeeded with acceptable results to fit a PD optimum 143 reserve into a Javelin NJK?????
    I have a PDR113 at the moment but i really like the idea of a 143 in an emergency situation
    Velo 103 for a main also if that helps

    "When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"