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  1. The TI was great with my son, he invited us all in as he was harnessing up my son and let us be a part of it. He said a few times afterwards that he and my son made a great team. He answered all of our questions with enthusiam, even made me want to try it someday. Even the video guy made us feel like we were all part of it. It was a sweet couple of hours
  2. did either of them earn a tip? *sighs* Earn??? Yes, but I wouldn't use the word earn...video guy and instructor got a tip.
  3. It did cooperate today. It was wonderful. The instructor and video guy were both great. My son is an instant fan of skydiving!
  4. Yes, I should have tipped the weatherman. His jump got postponed due to the weather I was happy we at least drove up there and checked out the place. Luckily I did not see any tipping is appreciated signs
  5. Thanks for all the imput. I will feel out the situation when we are done. I think every job is a service job. And no...I am not a troll :)
  6. I will give you the prize for the most postive reply! Thank you! If I knew where you were I would bring my son to you for his jumping! I am a little disappointed, it is raining today and I get the feeling his jump will have to be postponed :(
  7. I would hope that it is not his/her job to save my son's life. Isn't it his/her job to do a good job and be well trained to do a tandem jump with someone else? I don't see the instructor as someone who will save my son's life.
  8. What do you mean I am expected to tip too? I am taking my son for his first tandem jump next week. I was looking through a FQA and they talked about tipping?? It is pretty expensive to do this. What is the expected tip? Isn't the instructor's job to take my son on a jump? I am just curious to why tipping is part of the sport?