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  1. Thanks PharmerPhil for your answer!!! Do you know if the construction of VWP is the same as VM?? I want to mean if it used only one shell for all sizes ??? Regards!!!!
  2. I Would Like to buy a Vapor MID helmet of Skysystem, i think that it's perfect for CX 1XX and Sony Nex-X side to side configuration, ... (I'm XXL size).. I ask to Micheal of Skysystem and he said me that it is possible that it might be too tight on me...but here anyone have this kind of helmet for try it...so if your know someone with a big head (23.6 inches) used this helmet please let me know!!! Sorry for my english! Thanks! and regards from chile!!
  3. Please... Add to Chile as an option to create a profile and publish Classifieds!!! we jump here too!!!... Regards! Daniel.