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  1. Last time I jump I saw one of the skydiver jumping without an altimeter. He said he was ok because he had his audible. what do you guys think?
  2. is a little hard to fit this canopy inside the D-bag according to the packing chart from PD it should fit fine but it fits tight. Would it be possible to used a Mirage M-4 D-bag on a M3 Container?
  3. When I learned to skydive I did in a place where winds were usually between 15-25 mph and that was not my issue. those days were the most smooth landings I ever had. Now hearing what everyone had to say, I will demo a PULSE 190. I demo a 170 a year ago but only did 2 jumps and there was little wind(10mph) and didn't have no issue landing it. but definitely I am going bigger
  4. OK GUYs just needed some advise no need to make big deal out of it. Everyone got the point across and I will be getting something bigger Thanks all
  5. right on upsizing or going on a serious diet will have to do then :) thanx all for the advise have been eye opener
  6. thanx Make sense I actually have been on that situation already.. going downwind and I actually just do the same as the no wind day slide on my butt sideways :S but definitely I will consider upsizing but I know is not cheap
  7. aaaah yeah that's a good point you brought up the wing loading something I haven't really understood yet. PD saids one thing for max loading but yet I see people loading same canopies at 2.0 You are right I probably downsize way too soon but when I got the gear I was weighting 170 lbs, 2 years ago and I got it when I only had 25 jumps. Also, As you can see I actually don't jumps as much as I would like to. I just find it weird I can absolutely manage this canopy on windy days. I have super comfortable landings.
  8. I feel comfortable with the rate of descent. Is just at the moment of flaring that I can't manage to make the canopy slow down enough... Does that have anything to do with the fact that is a 7-cell canopy and a 9-cell would help to get a better landing?? Yes definitely next time I will ask someone to see my landings. and thanx for the advise. I have been considering upsizing to a pulse 190 which would fit my container but again I dont want to spend money on a new canopy that maybe I dont really need if I can manage to improve on this one.
  9. I am 200lbs and I jump a SPectre 170 that I have jumped about 50 times.. My total number of jumps is 75. I just realized that every time I jump in no winds I hurt my ankles or end up sliding because forward speed feels crazy fast. Can anyone give me some wise advise on what to do? I use to jump a windy dropzone and I was very comfortable with this canopy. But now on the new place is I cant get used to the no winds... Someone told me that maybe jumping a Sabre 150(the bigger 9 cell I can fit my container) I would get a better flare. ANYONE PLEASE.... SOME ADVISE