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  1. DSE, I'm a bit confused by your reply- CAN you use the CX100 with an external lipstick/bullet cam? If not, it is out of question for me, because that is too much weight and bulk to mount on my helmet. I am specifically looking for a unit with a lipstick/bullet cam that is separate from the recording body. Thanks.
  2. I'm not a skydiver at all, but am asking this question here because this community seems the most informed on helmet cams. I am interested in using a helmet cam for alpine climbing. Desirable features are: -works decently in cold weather, and is somewhat water resistant -has at least a relatively wide-angle lens (I imagine this is important if using it for climbing) -has a camera that is separate from the recording unit, with a remote to start and stop recording -is relatively lightweight (under 300g would be great) Preliminary research suggests that the VIO POV1.5 might be my best choice, although something lighterweight would be preferable. Have any of you used the "JonesCAM?" ( It seems promising on paper. Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. The Sony CX100 seems to be very popular on this site, but am i correct that you have to mount the entire unit on your helmet? Thanks for the help, Colin