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    Show me the proof and I'll believe

    It's within you...somewhere.:)

    No. I can absolutely guarantee it's not. No proof can come from "within" me. That's the entire point. I need objective proof, not some subjective wishy-wash.

    but you can't absolutely guarantee that, can you?

    I absolutely, 100% can guarantee I will not have faith in
    a god until I'm shown objective proof.

    I've been shown far too much objective proof there is no need for him and quite a bit of subjective evidence in my personal life he doesn't exist at all that you're simply not going to convince me he does exist any other way.

    I will
    Pray you find that proof B|
    I am ALIVE!

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    That may not be the dumbest fucking thing I have ever heard, but it is certainly in contention.

    Holy shit, Windsor. I've been lock step with most of the things you've posted here about religion, but this is petty, mean bullshit.

    The kid didn't go out one evening waving a bible and provoking someone into attacking him because he though Jesus would get his back...

    He walked out of a bible study and was attacked and killed. He had no tangible way to defend himself. He resorted to the only thing he had to work with, which was his faith. Even if you think his faith was misguided, there's no honor at all in being such a complete prick about it.

    Look, the dumb son of a bitch told someone pointing a gun at him that the gun would not work. It seems he was as wrong about that as he was about everything.

    Being too stupid to live is not a particularly sympathetic condition.

    The assailant should be put to sleep as a matter of course, but the deceased took a Darwinian approach to the encounter - with wholly predictable results.

    Depending on your view of reality this could be true, I'm just saying I have found your position to be false.

    You haven't experienced what I have, my relationship with God is personal and real. Only God can grant you the faith to live a life devoted to Him. It all starts with a genuine search for truth. Have you given yourself even to the possibility of God?
    I am ALIVE!

  3. Jesus Christ saved him, his body is dead but his spirit will live on forever with God.

    Also it's stated in the article that the man shot was found praying in tongues, asking God to forgive his attacker. Why isn't that the focus here?

    A man shot who later died, and his concern was the salvation of the man who shot him.

    This is a display of the Love of Christ.
    I am ALIVE!