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  1. No reason at all?! You are kidding right! Let's do the math... I am 1 person who did not know this information. I have had one person PM me stating that they did not know this information. So statically, there is likely to be 1 or more individuals in addition to us that do not know this information. So again, who gives a shit if this is obvious information. I have counted two people that did not know this information. And given the fact that at least one other person has benefitted from this information, this post was worth making. So same to you… Be thankful that I did not bust your balls for saying the idiotic statements you made, like inferring that because people do not know this kind of information makes them idiots or not sky worthy.
  2. You think so huh! I'm glad you said it a third time, because I definitely did not understand you the first two times that you stated this. Your recent post reinforces why I made the comment that you are not so bright. You repeat yourself and you make the assumption that we all should know this information. To be clear, I did not buy my suit online. I interfaced directly with the company. This is why I made the assumptions that I did. But there is such a thing called customer service. And in most cases, customer service includes ensuring that your customer is informed. Go ahead; state your comment a fourth time. It will probably make you feel better. It obviously worked for you the three other times you needed to make your comment.
  3. Whether you like it or not tough guy (Buried), there are plenty of people that do not know this information. Like me, these people probably simply do not have the time to look up every detail around international shipping. Also in my case, I made a bad assumption that the vendor would help me out with this kind of information or that it would be part of the shipping process. And given the fact that this letter is coming from the audit dept in FedEx, this probably should have been included in the shipping process. So again, I made this post because I made the mistake of NOT DOING THE RESEARCH. So yes, that is the exact purpose of my post, I DID NOT DO THE RESEARCH and wanted others to benefit from my mistake. So you are not calling me out and revealing some fact that I am trying to hid, as your post implies. It is very obvious I did not do my research. And I am more than willing to admit it. Hmmn, hence the post... Also, the only reason I posted under an alias was because I did not want Uncle SAM to come up with some bullshit law that I was breaking by making my post. And as you can see, people have already made posts that could be construed as illegal suggestions. My intention was not to suggest people engage in illegal activity to work around these taxes. The sole purpose of my post was to inform, thus, saving people from having to DO THE RESEARCH, for those that don’t feel like it or do not have the time to. So again, if you do not need or like this information, DO NOT READ IT!!! If you do and don’t like it and you feel the need to express your dislike, type away and have your little rage session with your keyboard. If that is what you need to feel manly, go for it. At the end of the day, my FYI is still making it to those that appreciate information that they may affect them, for whatever reason.
  4. You're not very bright are you mccordia? This is simply an FYI for those that DO NOT KNOW this iformation (i.e. ME). You happen to know this information, so don't read the F'n post...
  5. I removed some of my comments from my original post... I want to make sure that I don't include my opinion on what happened. Again, it is not my intention to blame... It is simply my intention to inform.
  6. Okay, I'm sure I just happened to be the one that go screwed. So I'm posting this just as an FYI. With that said, check out the wonderful notice I received after receiving my wing suit: Again, just an FYI...