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  1. Love this thing. I have a 79 at 3:1 wing loading. Super light riser pressure, great dive, excellant recovery arc. I can fly with saber 2 170 with some rears and then let up and I'm gone. Absolutely Awesome
  2. This is my 6th new rig and my 4th brand of rig. I have been very happy with production time and quality. I dealt with a dealer so I cant speak for their customer service. My dealer was awesome. The ballistic material is great looking and seem very strong. The colors are spot on compared to the website designer. It is the most comfortable rid I've owned and fits me perfectly. I only have 2 complaints and both of them are minor. The first is that the silver of the harness and the silver of the risers is very different in color and the dive loops on the front risers could be larger and more open. I bought an I1 and would expect that it would have better dive loops. I'm sure they will be fine once I get used to them but just a minor inconvenience. I would highly recommend the container
  3. Does anyone know of an app that you can track your customer's repack schedule? I've searched for hours with no luck. I have an android
  4. On Saturday we lost another friend in a skydiving accident. Damon was a friend and a pleasure to know. He always had nice things to say and was always smiling. He loved to introduce newly licensed skydiver to the silly jumps and more advanced maneuvers. On Saturday, Damon was attending a coach course to become a coach. There was a lag in the training and some of the candidates decided to make a jump. The freefall was upbeat and fun with Damon docking on several of the other skydivers. Unfortunately, Damon impacted the ground under canopy in a turn that killed him instantly. He will always be remembered by the friends and family that loved him. I hope that his loss will be a learning experience for others. Canopy flight can be dangerous and education is the best way to survive the risks that we as skydivers are taking. Listen to others and actively seek out information about how to fly safely. Never stop learning. Never become complacent and always understand that life is short. BSBD!