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  1. did not know there was a thread police bocabruce
  2. When the CYPRES deployed my reserve I came too...looked at altimeter and it was dead on zero. I looked down and knew what was about to happen in 3.8 seconds. I was landing vertical and thinking PLF, so my left ankle was compound and I have a plate and 7 screws in my right. It's been 90 days since the accident and I am now walking again, but done with skydiving. bocabruce
  3. I went through the seven levels of AFF and then had 3 solo jumps...actually the last was my third. bocabruce
  4. I fought like hell to find the hackey and reserve handles but the spin blacked me out bocabruce
  5. AFF I was on my 13th jump. First Load. First Out. bocabruce
  6. Normal exit yet could never get stable. Began spiral spin and I was out at about 2500 feet. The AAD deploed a deformed reserve at 650' and I landed on the run way. Only broke both ankles. Grateful for my life and grateful for CYPRES. bocabruce
  7. I guess I want to stil be considered a skydiver...maybr retired? bocabruce
  8. Had hard landing and broke both ankles. When I get back on my feet I am hesitate to jump again.If I don't jump again am I still a skydiver? bocabruce
  9. On Level 7 and my first 2solos I had a great dive exit and gained stability quickly. Made some manuvers, flips and rolls then pulled at 5500'. Good canopy control but tended to fl;air a little too soon but never hurta anything but mu tslibone. This dive exit was different as suggested bu another thandem master./...and so I did a immeditely was out of control and could not get stability. Finally i was in a spin and looking for my Hackey. Was nt there and the sppinning must have casued me to pass ot perhaps. the cypres deployed at 650' they say and the ankle were cruched by impat bocabruce
  10. it really happened. I am in a wheel chair for he next 7 weeks bocabruce
  11. Last May I went on my first tandum with Buzz. It was so great I went on a second tandum again with Buzz. I was convinced that this was something I wanted to do, had to do. Must do. So, I scraped up $1200.00 and went for the AFF. I graduated with beautiful jumps and great landings. I really felt like this was something I could do. I am 50 yrs old and never been athletic. This is just a gravity sport. Two weeks ago I had a nightmare in freefall. I can't explain exactually what happened cause I do not know. But when I felt the cypress fire at 650 feet I shattered both ankles and my life has changed. I can't imagine ever jumping again and it makes me sad. Pray for me. Thanks for everyone who helped me and blue skies. bocabruce
  12. It's all been a great experience. I love the freedom in freefall and the canopy ride is the best! My landing has greatly improved. Thanks to everyone at the Lake Wales dropzone in Florida. I feel like I have new family. Starting at age 50 seemed strange at first, but what a great way live out the rest of my life. Thanks again! bocabruce
  13. Why would you say "maybe skydiving isn't for you"? Maybe skydiving isn't for anyone who ever had an injury from the sport. You never had an injury in your career? bocabruce
  14. First tandem age 50. Now on AFF Level 6. Still age 50. LOL bocabruce