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  1. get used to it.... people on here are going to tell you what they "know" and are most likely going to take anything you say out of context. They arent bad people or stupid. they just want to contribute. Thanks for the insight.
  2. ROFL...for the record, I was not drawing an extensive apples-to-apples comparison...only stating two initial differences that I have noted.
  3. I am a very experienced scuba diver and that point is well known in scuba circles. But thanks for passing it on.
  4. Hello...I am new to the forum and have only had two tandem jumps. Recently, I decided to start researching the process of earning my AFF license. Skydiving will my second big hobby. I have been a certified scuba diver for many years. Here are two difference that I have noticed so far: 1. The seems to be less pressure to buy equipment in skydiving. Several online sources, DZ included, warn about the dangers of buying gear as a newbie. It is refreshing to NOT be pressured into dropping a $1000 or more for "newbie" gear. 2. Also, after the initial formal education for licensure, there seems to be less emphasis on formal education and more emphasis on actually getting out there and practicing the sport in which you have been trained. It's a novel idea that experience actually makes one better at the activity being practiced. (LOL) Once again, it' refreshing. One of the big certifying agencies in scuba is PADI. The big joke is that it's an acronym for Put Another Dollar In. Am I correct
  5. That's a good link...thanks for posting it.
  6. I'm not sure yet, skymama. I guess I'm too new in the sport to know what all is available. (two tandem jumps only) What are the possibilities?
  7. I plan to do my AFF cert this summer. I have narrowed my DZ down to two choices and will choose between them soon. 1. Do I need to buy any equipment or is it best to rent gear for now? 2. Roughly, what is the timeframe for earning the certification? I'm sure it's based on the DZ's schedule and on my schedule...but roughly, how does do most people take to complete it? A month? A year?
  8. Pardon my ignorance as I am a newbie and hope to do my AFF cert this summer. Why does this piece of gear expire?
  9. Hello...I'm new to the forum. I have made two tandem jumps and will start my AFF certification this summer. This looks like an awesome forum and I look forward to learning a lot!