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  1. im not necessarily anti logbooks, i can see the importance of one when traveling to a new dz. but this was my home dropzone! it was a 5 year absence but the person i spoke to at the dz over the phone several times remembered me, i know severel well known jumpers at the dz that can vouch for me, all of whom now have thousands of skydives with instructor ratings. not to mention 15+ of my jumps on video, freeflying, hybrids, even some of my aff coaching jumps. but it always came back to the missing logbook and thats no good according to this person i spoke to. maybe its just my paranoia seeping in but it almost just seems like its a money issue, ive been uncurrent this long so i have to pay, literally, to get back in. my first jump back was completely awesome though!
  2. starting at aff 4 and because of no logbook progressing from there and possibly even getting to skip a level or two if i did real swell
  3. sorry, it was actually 50$ with a gear rental tank of a falcon 265
  4. if you get into skydiving you wont be a loner for long. unless of course theres some underlying social retardation there.
  5. sorry if this poll or thread has been done before. i recently had a situation of trying to get current after about 5 yrs off with 330 skydives. my logbook is MIA and my "home" dz said i had to do some sort of aff progression so i could be "felt" out, due to the fact, from what i understand, cause my logbook was missing. that sounded expensive so i said F- that called another local dz and got current for 50 bucks with gear rental. ya i know safety first when it comes to skydiving i just found it to be frustrating.