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  1. Hi Mccordia DZ sports quoted me £620.00 UK pounds for a tonfly cci with two zkulls a cutaway and in a carbon finish witch cost extra. The quote for the fuzion with all the same bits as the tonfly was £360.00 but with out the carbon finish. The inport charges and other costs made the CC1 to expensive. I didn't get the zkulls as i have heard a lot of comments about them, good and bad.
  2. I've been jumping my fuzion for a few months now and have done around 30+ jumps on it. The helmet has a few small scratches from jumping it but is still as good as the day I got it. I have one of the first small shells they did and it fit's me like a glove and it isn't bulky at all. The price was £189.00 GBP including VAT, which was well over a £100 GBP cheaper than the Tonfly I looked at which was €350.00. This works out to be around £320.00 with vat and no cutaway. This made buying a fuzion a no brainier to me but each to there own as they say
  3. Hi a basic fuzion is is about 200 Euro s with the 15% vat added. To the USA there is no VAT so it is about $240.00 and comes with a cutaway.
  4. 2kc are making a smaller shell early this year i have my name down for one with 2 quick mounts. I have paid £332.00 UK pound including vat that's about 360.00 Euro s.
  5. Hi Reynier no prices on any of the dealers web sites. Does the mounting brackets come with the zkulls to remove the front L bracket in the price.
  6. Hi Reynier does your dual mounting bracket fit on top of a fuzion. I am top mounting a hc9 and my stills camera when i need it. How much does it cost and what do you get with it.
  7. I am looking to buy a helmet with two quick release mounts top and side, i have been looking at Tonfly with two Zkulls mounts but the helmet seem really expensive around £512.00 including there 19% vat. A 2k composites fuzion with two quick mounts is around £340.00 including 15% vat and comes with a cutaway at no extra cost, both prices don't include postage. Is the tonfly worth the extra £170.00? but it doesn't seem to come with a cutaway or does it, can any help me here?