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  1. hi *, beeing in the same state of knowledge, just about to try sitfly for the first time this weekend, i appreciated reading your comments. can you propose a website where training ff-newbie-skills are described in detail for those who start with ff and do not have the possibility to get in touch with experienced ff-ers, as at my home dz the majority of skydivers are heavily envolved into rw and crw. blues, hans
  2. marc, are you talking about a different site than the url of icarus? blues,hans
  3. sorry folks, found it. blues, hans
  4. the links to PISA at do not work. anybody got the right url to pisas webpage? thx hans
  5. yo grumpy that would be really kewl if you could check it out with your mate on the weekend. do not hesitate to contact me directly by mail ;-) blue sky black death hans
  6. yo remster, if it was likely as the dytter from l&b that would already be a plus. beeing knew to the sport but a very safety orientated type, i ran a diving school for 6 years, i think of buying a dytter. this one is offered to me for 25$ from a guy who once jumped, but terminated in the early nineties. if it still operates error free would you recomend it for a first audible device to start with for little money? grab in your mind and tell me if you eventually remember whom it was made by or where to grasp more information. thx and blues hans
  7. anybody knows a dytter named "micro hawk"? who's producing that stuff? blues
  8. thx a lot guys especially silvanas archive is brillant for german speeking natives. bs, hans
  9. yo bram, thx so far. i jumped a spark 230 in my 'class' and then did 2 jumps on a spark 190, which is as you said probably the right size and therefore wingload for me. but then there was this offer for a spark 170, container-size was just as if made for me, little jumps on the system, only 2 years old and even the colours matched and i liked them, not to speak from the incredible low price. as the guy defenitly wanted to get rid of it. so i jumped it twice and with some wind it was easy to flare. now i jumped it on absolutely no wind and i have to make a couple of steps on 'touchdow', but i can land it. i posted the question, because i already felt like beeing on the heavier side for this canopy and my abilities. greetz, hans (fonzi)
  10. hi @ll, forgive a newbie for posting this question, as it might be awnsered several times before, but searching in this forum will give back hundreds of threads. i am from germany and just passed my license with now 29 (proud !) jumps. i read so much about wingload, and would like to know, 1.) how do you calculate it (possibly in kg and not in lbs and stones etc as we have the bloody metric system you know)? 2.) what should be the right wingload for a newbie like me? i weigh 95 kg with complete gear and my canopy is a 'performace variable' spark-170 sqft check-out for details detailed replys or url's to refer to are higly apreciated ;-) blues, fonzi
  11. cloth patches that's exactly the terminous i was looking for. sorry for ma poor english. you now some url's where i could find these fun-cloth-patches like the one i mentioned? grretz, fonz
  12. does anybody no where i can get applications for my suit? i'm desperately looking for a "sticker" with the text DANGEROUS Falling Material which i have once seen on a guys suit on a dropzone. preferably looking for a dealer or shop in europe/germany but any info will do ;-) thx an soft landinx fonz