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  1. Is there an audible that will keep track of your slowest speed without detecting a canopy opening when in fact your canopy isn’t open yet?  I’m sick of my audible detecting my canopy opening when it hasn’t.

  2. Back in March, a good friend of mine invited me to do a little wingsuiting in paradise (North Shore of O'ahu). We flew down the coastline with puffies and a majestic view of the ocean underneath. It was very distracting because of the beauty, I didn't want to pull....

  3. I'm thinking of getting either a Raptor or a Phantom for my first wingsuit. Any advise? I have 5 wingsuit jumps on a Prodigy 2 and 350 total jumps an am 6'2" and 180lbs.[email] Jasdcarter@dropzone.com