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  1. jasdcarter

    Best wingsuiting audible?

    Is there an audible that will keep track of your slowest speed without detecting a canopy opening when in fact your canopy isn’t open yet? I’m sick of my audible detecting my canopy opening when it hasn’t.
  2. jasdcarter

    Aerodynamic Helmets

    Good point!
  3. jasdcarter

    Aerodynamic Helmets

    Have any of you guys used a hang glider helmet for wingsuiting. I think they look cool or would it just be dorky? Might even help achieve maximum speed and distance... What do all you guys think!
  4. jasdcarter

    R-Bird II

    Post another pic of you and your brother wearing the suits.
  5. jasdcarter

    R2B2 first flights and TS customer service

    Post a pic!
  6. jasdcarter

    Raptor - which version

    I'm still flying mine, had it for over 4 years now. I still don't want anything different even after flying a lot of other suits.
  7. jasdcarter

    piper cherokee 6

    Has anyone jumped out of a piper cherokee 6 in a wingsuit? What was your experiance with it?
  8. jasdcarter

    Project XRW

    Didn't Luigi Cani and Jeb Corliss do something similar a few years ago?
  9. jasdcarter

    Not grid worthy "NGW"

    I was luckly enough to join in also, too bad we didn't get any kind of de-brief on it. I know that everyone was busy at the time
  10. jasdcarter

    Not grid worthy "NGW"

    Is there a picture or video of that very nice jump you're talking about that Scott Calentine lead after the 68-way?
  11. jasdcarter

    Elsinore: who's going?

    So far, looks like you have enough people to re-do last years formation and make it official...
  12. jasdcarter

    Why we are here...

    Back in March, a good friend of mine invited me to do a little wingsuiting in paradise (North Shore of O'ahu). We flew down the coastline with puffies and a majestic view of the ocean underneath. It was very distracting because of the beauty, I didn't want to pull....
  13. Even with the new sleve system it's still faster and quite easier to use your arm wing to get out of line twists. The sleve system is great for peace of mind!
  14. jasdcarter

    A New Bird in Utah!

    Sweet pics, I wish I could have been there with you guys!!! JVC also did his first flight last week!
  15. jasdcarter

    Freeflock Utah event

    10. Jason CarterQuote
  16. jasdcarter

    FreeFlock Utah Jump

    I have improved since last year...but I know that paybacks are a bitch.
  17. jasdcarter

    Raptor vs Phantom?

    I'm thinking of getting either a Raptor or a Phantom for my first wingsuit. Any advise? I have 5 wingsuit jumps on a Prodigy 2 and 350 total jumps an am 6'2" and 180lbs.[email] Jasdcarter@dropzone.com