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  1. For those who own or have owned the I-44, I was wondering what your experience with the container was like in regards to canopy fit. I know they're listed to fit up to a 170 main, but we all know that not all canopies are created equal. I'm particularly interested in the Pilot, but am open to the Triathlon, Sabre2, and Pulse as well. I should probably note that I currently have a PD Reserve 160 in there right now. I emailed VSE and their rep told me that the Pilot 168 ZP would be a tight fit; that they've found the Pilot to "pack about one size larger, so a Pilot 168 ZP will pack more like a Sabre2 190." Has anyone else had this be the case? He also stated that the Pilot 168 ZPX would pack like a Sabre2 170. Conversely, I've read a comment on this forum from a member stating that he was able to pack a Pilot 188 ZPX in his I-44 with room left over. Thoughts? Additionally, the rep stated that a Pulse 190 would be able to fit snug in the I-44. Anyone able to comment on their experience with this? Thanks y'all.
  2. Thanks for your input. I might be going at this the wrong way, but at the moment I'm looking for a used canopy not mainly for its size, but for its price point, be it a 150 or 170. I probably shouldn't be frugal when it comes to safety, but I don't know what exactly I'm limited to, that's why I wanted to get an idea of the ratio differences from other people and if it's a safe idea or not. I will be discussing this more with my instructors once I get back out there, however I'm just anxious and wanted to explore now. From what I've researched so far, I think I'll be looking for a Sabre2, Pilot, Pulse, or Silhouette.
  3. Before I get a plethora of members commenting on the risk and recklessness of downsizing or high wing loads with low jump numbers, let me preface this post by explaining my background. I haven't jumped in three or four years (due to college, lack of money, life, etc.) and in my brief history of skydiving I've only made a mere 36 jumps, but I've made it a point to myself that I'd be back in the air this year. While I'm going to take all the necessary steps/courses/jumps I need to become current again, I went ahead and bought a used container (with reserve, no main) that I found on this forum. It was built to my exact measurements and weight, and holds the same size canopy I used as a student (170). I've read literature online about wing loading and its effects and such, but I wanted some personal anecdotes from skydivers. This is where you guys come in. I'm about the same weight I was 4 years ago, 140-145lb, so my exit weight is at about 170lb. The student canopy I used was a Sabre2 170, so wing loading is at 1:1. I can still remember at that time I felt the 170 was really big and slow for me, which was probably attributed to my low experience and over confidence, but I always wondered how I would handle a 150. The load would be 1:1.13. Now, this is what I'm wondering: does that extra .13lb/sqft make a world of difference? In terms of numbers, it seems really miniscule, but I really have no idea how that translates to actual performance. I figured I'd just keep my eye out on a deal while I work my way to becoming current again. I'll still be using student gear for some time while I save up money for a main and AAD, and I'm sure my DZ won't let me use a rig with anything less than a 170 for a while. I'm in no rush, and I'm not opposed to sticking with what I know, but it's just the question of difference in wing loading increments is one I've had for a while. As for my intentions for the canopy, I'm not interested in swooping or high-performance landings - I mean, really, I'm still a novice - I'm asking because I want to know what I should be looking for or avoid while I shop around. Cheers