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  1. I've never heard of any FAA or manufactures limiting the age at which gear becomes unserviceable. Most of the guys I jump with have older javelins/talons (1990-2000) because they were cheap. I had a 1995 javelin for my first rig 3 years ago and it was barley used, I had the bridel protection added and it was a great container, ended up selling it for the same price I bought it for once I downsized. It all depends on the condition of the gear to, a 1997 container with 1500 jumps is way different than a container with 150 jumps. If your rigger says it is good to go, then jump it up. I don't know if the older vectors had tuck tab riser covers or not, but stay away from the velcro riser covers they will eventually tear up your risers and are not free fly friendly (you want all the flaps to have the tuck tabs and have bridel protection). Hope that helps! Blues!
  2. Interesting link about Misty Warren. The website states that "On her 75th jump Misty experienced an equipment failure during a routine jump." It was my understanding that the "equipment failure" she experienced was on her main, and her reserve had been packed with a clamp(s) on her reserve making inflation impossible.
  3. I think I have heard the name before, definitely before my time. We are a close knit group though. Was he an old survival instructor?
  4. This is a pretty sweet video showing USAF test parachutists at work. All are jumping the BA-22 (Z variation for test jumps) harness/container system and C-9 28' flat circular round main (one is actually a 35' chute for use on the U-2 Spyplane). "Stuff" seen either dropping away or hanging below the jumper under canopy are survival kit containers (empty shell falling away) and life raft/ survival kit items. Jumpers wear a Butler HX-500 chest mounted belly conical reserve with Cypres AAD. Video shows Thunderbird ejection seat footage, head down terminal round opening, bailout "tuck" body position opening, line over/ mae west malfunction with holes/tears, spring loaded pilot chute "hesitation", 98% perfect PLF (Knees should be together...but who's grading them anyways) and a terminal total malfunction with belly reserve deployment. The US Army and USAF are the only two services that have current test parachutist. The test parachutist in the USAF comprise mostly of SERE Specialists, Life Support Technicians, and Parachute Riggers. Learn more about an exciting career as a SERE Specialist: http://www.gosere.com/ Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCH6PAlNMoA