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  1. The main problem is I'm not rigger and in prefect world I can count for manufacturer support if have doubt about product. In my opinion opening not on direction where slider stay in the middle and external cell are empty is unacceptable..... For sure this is possible to fit but I need manufacturer support to do this :(((
  2. Icarus Canopies Saphire2 DOM 2009 with less than 200 jumps from jump to jump open worse and worse. You can see here what I mean.... I've asked Icarus Canopie on November for any support or suggestion what is wrong and what should I do with this..... and got 1 email after one month with one suggestion which give me nothing, only make my rigger very happy..... and that all. After 3 months I'm in same place and Icarus Canopies does no answer for my emails. Canopy is danger and I have no support from manufacturer whats mean i have to change it and I'm shorter 2000$. Be carefully with Icarus Canopies, they have lot to do with after-sale service :((((( Maybe somebody have idea what is wrong with this canopy??? Andrew
  3. I ordered on the local Polish dealer of Parasport Italia new jumpsuit on February 2-th and was informed the delivery time should be no late than March 8-th …. Now, after almost 4 months (!!!) I have no jumpsuit, no money and no information about expected delivery time… Mr. Grazzi who is manager or owner of this company as a huge businessman and VIP are permanently too busy to pick-up the phone. I’m afraid Parasport Italia have some problem and cannot fulfill they own commitment. I’m afraid I lost my money…. :(( Please, be very carefully with this company… Andrew