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  1. skydiving movies has been down for quite a time now, I haven't found any good websites that had the same quality and selection of videos for my fix. Anyone got any recommendations? Thanks.
  2. Ive been looking at rigs recently, and the best bang for the buck deal I could possibly come up with was a BaseR rig with the reserve mounted in the front. Its much cheaper than a conventional skydiving rig (by like 2-3 grand). I know that there are drawbacks such as an uncontrollable reserve canopy. It also means that every pack will have to be done carefully just like the Base people do it. Its approved, its legal I can do it. But the purpose of posting this is to discuss the drawbacks of using this system for just skydiving.
  3. My goal is to skydive safely as possible, I know that most of the time safety relies on the person behind the canopy not the latest gear...but I do know that having these devices can save you're life in an ugly situation where normal hands couldn't act as quickly. I'm talking about AAD's and RSL's here, which are more effective. Whats the difference between them and how do they make a difference? In what types of situations would each benefit, lastly can I use both in conjunction to amplify the safety factor or would this just complicate the rig. Im a student and I think that knowing the difference between the two and how I could use these devices in my rig might benefit me someday.