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  1. Im active duty army, stationed in FT.Lewis and have never been skydiving , my family and wife thought I was crazy but I went anyway, I did a tandem jump at Kapowsin air sports here in WA , I I can say it was amazing, It was the most exciting thing I have ever done in my life and glad I did it and I would like to get my A license in the next 4 months is it possible, I have seen the cost for the 25 jumps, training, gear rental is about 2200 dollars. but is it possible and how hard is aff training ? How expensive is a parachute, buying my own, Im about 270 if weight matters, and all the gear necessary and I'm I going about it the right way, and if I did get my A license before I go to a wedding in VA in oct, and I would want to jump while back in MD,VA area what would I need . Well Ive talked enough , any advice or info would be great