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  1. Does anyone know anything about Michigan State University's skydiving club? I am going there in the fall.
  2. Anything advice? Anything I should remember? I'm pretty nervous, but my excitement is over weighing it.
  3. Thanks. I just heard that skydive chicago has about 1 death a year. I am nervous
  4. Which one do you think is better and why? I am looking to go for my first jump next tuesday. I want to go to the place that is the most professional and safe. Thanks
  5. During my first jump I want to do a back flip out of the plane and maybe guide the canopy. Do you think they will let me?
  6. So next month I play on buying a new longboard and going skydiving. I need some money fast. I have applied to several places and I plan on selling some blood plasma this weekend ($40 a donation I think). Does anyone know of any other ways to get some fast cash? Short or robbing a bank or selling drugs. Thanks
  7. I'll look into skydive chicago. Do you guys know anyway to get discounts besides group rates? Also I want to do a back flip out of the plane. Do you think my instructor can make it happen?
  8. Well I am finally 18 and I am going to make my first tandem jump in april. I live in illinois. I looked at the dropzone list and I think I am going to go to chicagoland skydive center. Any other reccomendations? Also what are your thoughts on the picture/package? Should I fork over the extra $100 for the package or should I just have someone take pictures from the ground? Also do you guys have any advice I should take for my first jump?
  9. If forgot to ask. Does skydiving with a static line only make you fall for about 50 ft?
  10. Thank you so much. It is about a 5 and a half hour drive. Has anyone else been here? Reviews? Also does anyone know of anywhere that is closer to me. I live right by Chicago. You guys are great. Thanks so much!
  11. ah this is going to kill me. I have been saving up for the past 2 months and now when I have the money I can't go. One of my friends went to Skydive Chicago when he was 17 and went skydiving with his parents, I emailed them asking about this and they said you must be 18 years old no exceptions. I am begging you guys. Do you guys know of anywhere near or around Illinois that allows people under the age of 18 with a parents consent to skydive? Big thanks if anyone can help me out.