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  1. I just wanted to write a review to inform you of the great experience I had with the staff at skydive lake Elsinore. On 04/21/2008, my brother and I decided to come to Skydive Lake Elsinore to attend an AFF1 class. The class was instructed by Brianne Thompson. Brianne taught the class in a very professional manner and was able to still keep the class interesting. after in class training it was time to jump! our class was then introduced to Mark, Matt, Yong, Caesar, and Lelo. These guys are the best!! After making my first jump with Matt and Lobo, I was defiantly hooked. Not only did they make me feel safe they made it fun. I then cancelled all my plans for the next week and paid for the next 7 classes. During the next 7 classes these guys exceeded my expectations, I was treated not only as a student but also like a friend. During the instruction and the jump they didn’t only stress the details that were needed to pass each AFF Level but to also make sure I was safe and enjoyed the experience. In conclusion, I personally want to thank you for employing such a great group of people each of them went way past what was need to get this rock to fly. Thanks again, Jarrett Hale P.S. see ya in 3-4 weeks!!
  2. Caution--- Caution – Newbie posting – maybe filled with illogical questions Ok well three weeks ago I was on vacation and decided to do my AFF1 course after my first jump I canceled all plans for the rest of the week and completed up to my Solo jumps(5 more for A license). Here’s the question so far my canopy has been a 280 and from what I understand over time when I get better at canopy control I will want a smaller canopy. Here’s my dilemma in a couple of weeks I’m going on what I would call a skydiving frenzy I plan on jumping 75-100 jumps (2 Month vacation) and I am interested in purchasing a used rig . Where do I start ? Am I sort of in a holding pattern till I know what I like ? is my size a problem? (6’1” 225 lbs) any help is greatly appreciated