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  1. Funny how a lot of people have misread the post. I didn't mention GoPro once. The camera I was talking about was a Contour and the mount was the cookie side mount for the G3. I think someone really summed it up pretty well by saying hanging from your neck is not fun... I think I will invest my time and money in a camera specific helmet. Thanks for the info guys Blue Skies & Fast Landings
  2. (where is the roll eyes smiley?) Yes. I do know that... Not what I'm asking Blue Skies & Fast Landings
  3. Hey all, I want to mount a contour camera to my G3 with the Cookie mount that fits on the side plate. The CCI at my home DZ insists that my helmet has a cutaway installed before I can jump with the camera. I have read a few posts on about guys that have modified there helmets with teflon cables and spring-mounted pins but haven't seen any photos or seen any in the flesh. I have come across this issue A LOT and have even contacted cookie themselves, who buy the way don't have any such system. So the issue is this, with a fullface like the G3, how affective would a cutaway system for the whole helmet be. Is this the way to go? Or would it be a better idea to have the camera on an independent cutaway? My G3 is brad new and I do not want to get another helmet just so I can stick a contour on there. Any help you guys can offer me is greatly appreciated. Blue Skies & Fast Landings, Cobar Blue Skies & Fast Landings
  4. Nice! Thanks a lot! I'm gonna send an email now and organise some coaching. Blue Skies & Fast Landings
  5. Hey, I'm gonna be in Gap next month and I would like to improve my FF skills. Does anyone know any FF coaches based on the DZ or can recommend one? I've searched the forum already and someone has asked this question but it was back in 2004 and there were no replies... Blue Skies Blue Skies & Fast Landings
  6. cobar


    The 1st canopy I have owned, I was jumping a pilot 190 before this and I found the 175 Triathlon much more responsive, more agile and a lot more fun. Good canopy for learning canopy piloting skills, front / rear risers 100% / 0% breaks flat turns etc. although front riser input can be a bit mushy. I really like my triathlon its a very stable canopy but if you don't roll it tight it will spank you with the mother fucker of all hard openings... Seriously, if you don't roll it tight it bangs open so hard and the slider comes rushing down so fast it flies over the toggles. This canopy is also very easy to get inside the accuracy circle, but it sinks very fast. I have found that if you give it more height flying your pattern it will land exactly where you want it. I have always had a good flare from this canopy even down wind. I recently brought this canopy on a canopy course and found it very forgiving and tones of fun.
  7. cobar

    Skydive Europe

    I brought a bunch of students to the DZ all with little or no jumps. The treatment we received was first class. All the staff are extremely helpful and really go the extra mile to ensure that you have the best experience possible. For experienced skydivers, there are tones of fun jumpers to join in with and there are so many people to give you tips and help you improve your skills. The vibe at Skydive Europe can not be beaten, everyone is so chilled out, everything is carried out to a very high standard and with a smile. All in all, I highly recommend this DZ, whether you are a student an experienced jumper coming to one of the camps or just coming to party this is one of the best DZ's out there. Cant wait to go back!
  8. Went to this DZ in January, it rained and we had high wind for all but the last day of our visit so I only got in 2 jumps. The staff are excellent, very friendly and the little cafe/bar was great. The aircraft are top notch 2 Dornier and a fast 182 (no farting allowed in the aircraft). I would absolutely go back again, they even gave me a free jump ticket!
  9. I started an AFF course at the IPC and did not finish it. I actually stayed on the DZ for a weekend and only got to jump once on the last load of the second day. The manifest is terrible, and the woman who runs it is very rude and not helpful at all. There is an uncomfortable atmosphere at the IPC for anyone who is not a member, not a friendly atmosphere at all. Some instructors insist scaring the crap out of you in order to get you to go through the right procedures which nearly put me off the sport altogether. I can't tar all the people at the IPC with the same brush as there are a small few people up there who are very nice... a small few.