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    I went yesterday for my 2nd tandem. I was told over the phone ( at 10am ) that they were already jumping. I made the 2 hour drive, once I got there at noon, they said that it would be 4 hours until they would take the first group up. Well at 5:30pm the first group went up. I was on the 5th ( next to last ) group to go up. So much for my reservation! I was sent to the shuttle without a jumpsuit, no altimeter, or tandem harness. On the shuttle, I got my harness on and briefed. Once at the airport, I asked who was my videographer ( which I paid $80 bucks for ), and there wasn't one scheduled to go. After 20 minute wait at the airport, Someone finally showed up. Had a great dive. Once on the ground it took another 2 hours for the crappy 3 minute video since half of everything was missed. What a waste of a day. Update:::: I just got off the phone with Hans. He explained to me that not everyone gets a suit, and tandem students do not get an altimeter. This comes from my past experience of getting them. He also explained that I was ( moved up ) in the line of tandems. I was unaware of this. He explained that I may not have even jumped at all if that didn't happen. He did inform me though that my review dropped his overall ranking from 1st-3rd, which was his reason to call me. Also he informed me that the 15-20 minutes at the airport waiting for the videographer costed him over $1000 in fuel. He has offered a free skydive for exchange to change my review. I will change the review but not accept the invite.