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  1. SORRY just getting into skydiving and saving money for my AFF and have been looking at gear\ info etc and was just thinking When you look at the size of peoples MAIN 220 etc and they have a 190 RES Can someone Please Help me get my head around this thanks ( they say new jumpers should have a Main with 1.0 or 0.9 WL i'm 100kgs = 220lbs -- thats a 220 ish main but you never see a bigger RES )
  2. Hey man Just too let you know say AWAY from skyride**** but 0800skydive is good....... I'm from nz and i've been pricing to do my AFF and $900.00NZ is good.i live in christchurch and it's going to cost me $985.00nz for my frist 3 aff jumps.. hope this has helped
  3. Thanks VTmotoMike08 I have E-mail, Just pay more for shipping. He's happy to sell to NZ
  4. Hi All Looking for used rig has anyone got gear from THE GEAR GAPER ???? If so is it good gear for a newbie?
  5. shaz_nz

    1st Jump

  6. oh ok -- so best to stick with a Cypres 2 or Vigil ? what one is better?
  7. can someone help me would like to know if this type off AAD is good or not
  8. Thanks Guys yer i will find the cash...Selling stuff that i don't need or want... Going to save the lot, so i can just take time off work and go and do the 25 jumps needed..
  9. Hi all Just done a tandem and now in love with skydiving and now sav'in like mad to do AFF hooked Shannon NZ
  10. Thanks for your input... Just looking for gear as about to do AFF & i will hire gear for now and see what gear i do the AFF in and ask the JM's what he thinks too...
  11. Hi All New to the sport and just want to know what size Main & Reserve i need I'm 100Kg's i think that's about 220LBs How much do i need to add for my exit weight about 20LBs???? so about 240/250LBs exit weight so if i use a 250sqf main would you use the same Reserve?? Thanks For your Help!!!