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  1. if you don't believe us just don't answer, gee! we wanted to show how skydivers think about their sport, how media represents them, how non-skydivers think about it... if you don't believe us, we are of Cymene Howe 's class, anthropology of media, at american university washington... sounds good enough for you??? thank you, everyone who answered it truly... by the way, one of my partner is a skydiver, from Gap, France. if you still think we are an advertising company after that, well...
  2. I'm doing an ethnography of skydiving for my anthropology class, any answers to the following would be immensely helpful! 1) Name (first and given) : 2) Are you married ? Living in a civil union ? In couple or single? 3) Do you have children? 4) Do you work? What is your job? 5) How long have you been skydiving? 6) How many jumps do you have? 7) How did you start skydiving? 8) Why? 9) How many times per year do you spend on a drop zone (approximatively)? 10) Do you considers skydivers as being part of a community? Why? 11) If yes, how did you feel you were part of this community? 12) What do you consider being part of skydiving which is not part of the jump (the jump being briefing-jump-debriefing)? 13) Do you consider parties at the drop zone as being part of the skydiving world? Why? 14) What do you think about non-skydivers? 15) Have you already wanted to stop skydiving? Why? 16) What do you think about before and while jumping? 17) Do you keep contact with your skydiver friends during winter? Why? 18) What were for you the most important moments in your skydiving life? 19) How do you think media represents skydiving?